My law office is located in downtown Powder Springs, Georgia at 4406 Marietta Street.  Co-located with the offices of Larry J. White, Esq.  the practice serves a wide range of clients with matters in the Courts of Cobb, Douglas, Paulding, Haralson, Polk and Carroll counties.   I also represent social security disability clients before Administrative Law Judges in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.  My practice is primarily in the area of family law, (divorce, child support, adoptions, etc..) I also practice extensively in the Probate Court and can provide clients with Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills along with assisting individuals in setting up businesses, both Corporations and LLCs.    Mr. White's office here in the building provides a ready resource for those with criminal or bankruptcy issues.

Choosing a lawyer is difficult and I urge you to contact several offices to find the attorney with whom you are most comfortable.  Price, while a factor, should not be determinative as experience, demeanor and skill will be necessary to earn your confidence.  My hourly rate is $250.00 and we have flat rates for certain non-contested actions.  Most importantly, there is never a charge to talk on the phone whether you just have some questions, are looking for a lawyer, or you are already a client.  Give me a call to discuss your case.  Then call some others both to insure that you really need a lawyer and that you retain a lawyer you can easily work with.  While I can not claim decades of practice locally, my experience is substantial and diverse.  I graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law in 1982 and was admitted to the New York Bar in early 2003.  My active duty Coast Guard career took me to Washington DC and Alaska.  I retired from the Coast Guard Reserve in 2004 as a Captain, (0-6).  Prior to moving to Georgia in 1997, I was a deputy county attorney in Syracuse New York handling all child abuse and neglect cases.  After a brief hiatus and additional active duty time, I was admitted to the Georgia Bar and started practicing in Powder Springs in 2001. 

If you are looking for a lawyer or just have questions, give me a call at 678-567-2443.  You may reach voice mail as I am basically a one person office, but leave a number and I will call you back.  I will look forward to talking with you.  Thanks.

For all opera & classical music fans - Yes, I am proud to say that I am related to Kirsten A. Shippert